The Bearded Dragons Lighting Criteria

The Bearded Dragons Lighting Criteria

In bearded dragons kighting guide, The certain types of lighting are EXTREMELY important for the health of your bearded dragon particularly UVA and UVB rays.

UVA and UVB rays are found in natural sunlight.

Unfortunately, this light is reflected off the glass of our windows and the tanks of our dragons.

UVA rays are found in the light bulbs around our homes. However, an additional bulb is required for UVB rays.

These rays are important to synthesize Vitamin D, allow calcium uptake, and the prevention of metabolic bone disease.

This light needs to be directed over the tank unfiltered by any glass.

Bearded Dragons Lighting

Bearded Dragons Lighting Criteria

The UVB bulb will probably cost around $20-30 but is REQUIRED to properly care for your beardie and avoid an early and painful death.

You will normally find UVA and UVB in one bulb.

The UVA and UVB bulb criteria’s should be:

  • It should be left for around 10 hours per day
  • The beardies should be able to get within 6-8 inches
  • The bulb must be maintained in order to prevent metabolic bone disease.
  • It should give the right amount of exposure so that your bearded dragon will grow faster and healthier
  • Place a timer to determine the same schedule similar to that in nature

The solutions to your bearded dragon’s heating and lighting needs:

  • A Powersun UVB or similar combination bulb is the best solution that can provide heating and lighting requirements.
    • The bulb are expensive but generally cheaper that purchasing a heat and light separately.
  • It has a 6 months warranty.
  • The UVB is guaranteed to last long.
  • It should be replaced every after 6 months, the bulb is around $50 each.
  • The bulb sends UV rays further that a compact fluorescent bulb.
  • It can send more than 12 UV rays.

Lighting is one of the most important things when it comes to taking care of bearded dragons. For one, they need a heat source.

Some people use heat rocks, but I would never, ever use one because if the temperature is too high, it can burn you dragon (or other reptile) because they do not have the mental capability to know that they are burning.

They will just sit on it, and then you’d come home and find a roast Australian cuisine! (gross) Anyway, I use a heat lamp, and that has always worked for me.

A cage should be between 100° and 105° in a “hot spot” and between 90° and 95° on the other side of the cage.

It is also nice to have a cool spot, like a cave or something in the mid-80 where they can retreat if too hot.

This allows the dragon to regulate its body temperature. A stick or rock placed under the heat lamp serves as a good “hot spot”. For a light bulb, there are a few options.

A dragon needs to get some of his vitamins from sunlight. This needs to come from a UVA/UVB florescent light.

These lights are necessary, but they do not heat the tank. To heat the tank, you can buy reptile lights, but they only provide UVA rays, so you still need the florescent.

Still, house lights to heat the tank are the option where you have the economy and quality, and then the florescent light for the UVA/UVB requirements.

The decision is yours, be mindful of your budget.

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