Different Types of Bearded Dragon Incubators

Different Types of Bearded Dragon Incubators

Owning a bearded dragon can be very rewarding; because these creatures are not only entertaining with their good disposition and peculiar behaviors but they are also relatively easy to breed and reproduce.

But many dragon owners fail to successfully hatch live baby dragons.

And this issue may be largely attributed to kind of bearded dragon incubators and as well as the incubation techniques that they are using.

You can breed a healthy male and female dragon easily; you can just put them in an enclosure that is large enough for them and they will breed.

But the best time for breeding dragons is after they have gone through their brumation or resting period.

The female dragon will usually start laying eggs anytime within 4 to 6 weeks after being bred.

And as soon as your female dragon has laid her eggs, you can then take them and transfer them to an incubator.

But how you transfer the eggs can also affect your success of hatching them.

Your dragon will dig a 12” to 14” burrow and deposit her eggs their, and taking them out of the excavation would need care as turning and shaking them may cause them to not hatch.

The eggs must then be placed in a plastic container filled with dampened perlite or vermiculite and then put inside the incubator with a constant temperature of 83 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bearded Dragon Incubators

Nowadays, it is fairly common to see dragon owners making their own incubators.

Following the principle that an incubator can be made out of any enclosure as long as it is able to maintain a specific degree of humidity and temperature to successfully hatch eggs.

Types of Bearded Dragon Incubators

Here are some of the commonly-used incubators:

  • Tank-type incubator

This is the most common type of home-made incubator. It is created using an appropriately-sized tank filled with an inch deep of sand and equipped with a heating pad and a thermometer.

  • Hovabator

Others prefer a hovabator, a type of incubator commonly used by poultry breeders.

This type of incubator can also be made at home using a Styrofoam box equipped with the same equipments used to set up a tank-type incubator—heating pads and a thermometer.

  • Water incubator

Another type of incubator is the water incubator. This one uses a polystryene box as an enclosure.

The box is then filled up to six-inch deep of water which is heated using a water heater or thermostat.

The box is then filled with bricks which are then topped with a grill or sturdy mesh wire (to hold the container with the eggs).

  • Lucky Reptile Herp Nursery II xxx.

This is one of the most popular commercial incubators in the market.

It can cool down and heat up its interior automatically with the use of peltier technology.

It is not only useful for egg incubation but can also be used with hibernating reptiles.
Juragon Reptile Egg Incubators.

This incubator is popular because it is said to mimic nature’s away of hatching eggs.

It is also equipped with a lot of features like a microprocessor which controls the temperature and the humidity and a humidity reservoir with low water alarm.

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