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The Bearded Dragon Dictionary

The Bearded Dragon Dictionary

My dictionary of bearded dragon and bearded dragon related terminology:

Agamid – Refers to lizards of the Agamidae family.

Agamidae – The family of lizards that bearded dragons belong to.

Agaminae  – A subfamily of the Agamidae family that bearded dragons belong to.

Banded Bearded Dragon – See Pogona Nullarbor.

Bask – When bearded dragons lie in the sun for long periods too keep their blood warm and absorb vitamin D from UV light.

Central Bearded Dragon – See Pogona Vitticeps.

Coastal Bearded Dragon – See Pogona Barbata.

Black Soil Bearded Dragon – See Pogona Henrylawsoni.

Diurnal – Animals that are active during the day and sleep at night. Bearded dragons and humans are examples of diurnal species.

Drysdale River Bearded Dragon – See Pogona Microlepidota.

Dumpy Dragon  – See Pogona Henrylawsoni.

Dwarf Bearded Dragon – See Pogona Henrylawsoni and Pogona Minor Minor.

Eastern Bearded Dragon – See Pogona Barbata.

Egg Binding – A term to describe a bearded dragon that is unable to pass an egg, usually because it cannot find somewhere suitable to lay it due to environmental constraints.

Frilly Lizard  – See Pogona Barbata.

Inland Bearded Dragon – See Pogona Vitticeps.

Jew Lizard – See Pogona Barbata.

Lawson’s Dragon – See Pogona Henrylawsoni.

Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) – A deficiency of calcium that makes a bearded dragon’s bones break easily

Nullarbor Bearded Dragon – See Pogona Nullarbor.

Omnivore – Animals that eat both meat and plants. Bearded dragons and humans are examples of omnivores.

Pogona – The scientific name for the bearded dragon. Refers to the genus of which all seven species of bearded dragon are part of. Lizards from semi-arid regions of Australia.

Pogona Barbata – A grey-black species of bearded dragon distinguished by spines that run along the lateral edge of it’s body and over it’s forearm. Also known as the Eastern Bearded DragonJew Lizard and Frilly Lizard.

Pogona Henrylawsoni – A species of bearded dragon that is similar to Pogona vitticeps. The main difference is that it is smaller, growing to around 10 inches in length. Also known as Lawson’s DragonRankin’s DragonDumpy DragonDwarf Bearded Dragon, or the Black Soil Bearded Dragon.

Pogona Microlepidota – A smaller, rarer species of bearded dragon that originates from a small coastal region of NW Australia (Drysdale River). Also known as the Small-Scaled Bearded Dragon and the Drysdale River Bearded Dragon.

Pogona Minor – A species of bearded dragon that contains the sub-species Pogona Minor Minor and Pogona Minor Minima.

Pogona Minor Minima – A subspecies of the Pogona Minor species of bearded dragon that is found on the islands of Houtman Abrolhos. They typically have a longer tail than other species of bearded dragon. Also known as the Western Bearded Dragon.

Pogona Minor Minor – A sub-species of the Pogona Minor Species of bearded dragon. It is identifiable by it’s shorter legs and tail, smaller head and beard and dark pigmentation. Also known as the Dwarf Bearded Dragon.

Pogona Nullarbor – Aspecies of bearded dragon identifiable by the large white stripes (banding) that covers it’s back and tail. Originates from Nullarbor Plain in Southern Australia and is also known as the Nullarbor Bearded Dragon and the Banded Bearded Dragon.

Bearded Dragon Dictionary

Pogona Vitticeps – The most popular species of Bearded Dragon or Pogona that is kept domestically. Also known as the Central Bearded Dragon and the Inland Bearded Dragon.

Rankin’s Dragon – See Pogona Henrylawsoni.

Reptile – See Reptilia.

Reptilia – The class of animals that bearded dragons belong to.

Small-Scaled Bearded Dragon – See Pogona Microlepidota.

Western Bearded Dragon – See Pogona Minor Minima.

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