5 Reasons Why Your Bearded Dragon Won’t Eat

5 Reasons Why Your Bearded Dragon Won’t Eat

As you go along the way caring for your bearded dragon pet. Sometimes, you will find behavioral changes.

The bearded dragon’s habits are not the same as usual.

At times, you may find it as a negative habit. One of those negative habits is when your bearded dragon won’t eat.

As a pet, it is expected for them to have these kinds of characteristics; they are not going to remain healthy all the time.

It might be a cause of the owner’s ineffective care management or it might be a cause of environmental changes.

5 Reasons Why Your Bearded Dragon Won’t Eat

Here are some few reasons why bearded dragons won’t eat.

  1. A lot of times, the change in location is the big reason why your pet is not eating anymore, or it may still be eating but the food are in lesser amounts compared to the usual amount.

It would take a few days for them to adjust into a new location.

Just be patient for about more than a week. If it is more than one week, then the problem is now serious.

  1. Another reason is the introduction of new foods that are of different types to your pet. The changes of eating pattern makes your bearded dragon won’t eat. As time goes by, they will be used to it and eat the food depending on the progress of adjustment they will have. Wait for about 2 weeks; this is an ample time for them to adjust. Most of the time, it happens when you introduce green leafy vegetables mixed with crickets.
  2. It all goes back to the temperature, when the bearded dragon is not given the right amount of temperature, then tendency is your pet will no longer eat. Monitor the temperature regularly; make sure it is the exact range.
  3. Sometimes, the owner has the wrong lighting, the correct way is to have a light for heat and an ultraviolet light that will help your pet get the light similar to the sun.
  4. The last reason is your pet beardie might be sick; it may be have a prevailing health condition that is why they don’t like to eat.

The best way to be sure is to bring your pet to the Veterinary clinic and let him check your beardies condition.

Bearded Dragon Won’t EatPresent to him the behaviors shown by your pet beardie at home and the behavioral changes they are having.

The Vet will prescribe medications and will give you options on how to regain back the beardies usual eating patterns.

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You now know the different reasons why your beardie won’t eat. As you can see, bearded dragons are very sensitive to change.

Little changes might trigger and change his eating behavior. Always make sure, that you will introduce the change gradually, not abruptly or else your bearded dragon will not eat.

The best way to prevent is to consult a trusted Vet, he knows well on the beardies behavioral patterns and changes.

As the owner, be responsible enough to your bearded dragon pet, have more knowledge on the things to be considered before making an act.

It would be nice if the beardie will grow strong and healthy without any problems along the way.

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