Tokay Gecko Care Sheet and Guide

Tokay Gecko Care Sheet and Guide

Learn what it takes to br a responsible pet owner with our tokay care sheet and guide.

I do not  remember when we got Meany is what my son named him but I would guest we had it at least a year and a half.

Meany is real easy to take care of he eats crickets and keep fresh water.

Tokay Gecko Care Sheet & Guide

I use a little fish net to clean the tank because they are vary Territorial and will bit.

Pretty and fun to watch snagging crickets this is one gecko that is a watch only.

  • Cage

The Tokay is a rather large gecko, 12 to 14 inches, and because of that a minimum 30 gallon tank should be used.

Some use screened cages, but an all glass tank is probably better to provide more walls to climb.

This type of gecko needs a lot of climbing and hiding areas in its cage. At least two hides should be provided, one on the hot side one on the cold. Branches should also be added for further climbing possibilities.

If possible, create a fake rock cave structure for climbing and hiding.

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  • Lighting/Temperature

A Tokay is nocturnal so a UVB light is not necessary. There are owners that still provide a UVB light to provide as much of a naturalistic cage as possible.

What is required is a heat lamp. The cooler side of the cage should be around 77° to 80°, whereas the warmer side of the cage should hover around 89°.

Nighttime temps can fall to 70°. The Tokay also needs relatively high humidity levels. You can achieve this by misting its cage once or twice a day.

This will also be how your Tokay gecko drinks its water. Humidity levels should fall in the range of 40% to 70%.

Some owners get a humidity level measuring device to achieve an accurate reading.

Tokay Gecko Care Sheet

A dish of water can also be placed in the cage which will naturally raise humidity levels. Care must be taken to change this water dish on a daily basis, as your Tokay gecko what probably defecate in it.

  • Food

The Tokay eats mainly insects. The obvious choice is crickets, but silkworms have been shown to be considerably more nutritious.

Other insects such as roaches can be offered, with the occasional super worm and wax worm.

The insects you provide should be gut loaded (fed nutritious foods) 24 hours to 48 hours before you feed them to your pet lizard.

You should try to vary the selection of insects, and whatever you choose, make sure the insect is half the width of the gecko’s mouth.

Babies and juveniles should be fed once a day, whereas adults can be fed every other day.

You need to provide a calcium supplement and a vitamin supplement.

Babies and juveniles should have their insects dusted every other day, and adults should have a dusting twice a week.

The Tokay gecko also occasionally enjoys fruit flavored baby food, such as banana. Provide a teaspoon or two a few times a week.

A lot of research and thought should go into a decision to acquire a Tokay gecko.

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Be sure and read several other care sheets and try to purchase a book to better prepare you for this colorful and fascinating lizard.

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