Leatherback Bearded Dragon Care Sheet and Guide

Leatherback Bearded Dragon Care Sheet and Guide

We have our own choices when it comes in making bearded dragons as our pet.

A leatherback bearded dragon is an amazing option if we are looking for a pet with soft scales.

The Amazing Leatherback Bearded Dragon

Leatherback is actually a morph, it has minimal scales on its back and touching it makes you touching leather.

The back of this bearded dragon can truly be appreciated.

Facts About Leartherbacks

Leatherbacks are also called smoothies; it comes in two types, American Smoothie and Italian Smoothie.

The Italian smoothie is has finer smooth scales rather than the American Smoothie.

It is hard to determine by eye whether of the two are the American Leatherback Smoothie and the Italian Leatherback Smoothie.

To have these leatherbacks, it needs to have a one co dominant gene and a one recessive gene to have the Leatherback super gene.

The Italian Smoothie carries the co dominant gene, that’s why it appears to have a smooth finer back compare to the American Smoothie that carries the recessive gene.

How It is Created?

The leatherback appears to be like this because it has been mutated, during the mutation process; the gene interferes in the scale formation and embryonic development.

Therefore, the scales of these morphs are finer and smaller, sometimes, the mutation can also cause improvement of the leatherbacks colors.

Leatherback Bearded Dragon

The Truth Behind The Leartherbacks

Moreover, there is also a US Smoothie that appears like leatherbacks but they have a minimum amount of a leatherback gene. They are useful in producing silkbacks that are of 25% leatherbacks.

In other words, there can be various types of leatherbacks on different represented names.

The US smoothie added with leatherback will give you Silkback of 25%.

A lot of rumors have been spread that leatherback bearded dragons are created through the use of genetic engineering.

Well, this actually a myth. The truth is, leatherback came from an Italian breeder, and it just appeared to be different from other bearded dragons.

He have seen some unusual characteristics of the scale of the beardie, later on he called it Italian leatherback, in which leatherback begins.

The mutation of leatherbacks is a rare event, inbreeding is unnecessary.

Taking care of leatherbacks is like the same way of taking care other bearded dragons.

Leatherbacks are one of a kind. Maintain their needs like foods, housing, lighting and heating.

They must be clean regularly to prevent skin scale problems; the back of this beardie makes it unique and distinct to other bearded dragons.

It should be properly maintained.

Leatherbacks are such a wonderful creatures, they must be taken care regularly so that the coming generations will be able to see them.

As much as possible, we should restore the beauty that God has given us and leatherbacks are one of those beauties.

The important thing we need to remember is that like humans, animals like these have the rights to be respected.

From there, if we respect them, it will be the start of a good relationship and a healthy beginning of friendship.

Types Of Bearded Dragons

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