Pregnant Bearded Dragons Signs and Care Guide in 2022

Pregnant Bearded Dragons Signs + Care

The happiness of owners in breeding bearded dragon pets is incomparable and unexplainable.

Bearded dragons as pets are excellent, it seem like having a new family member in the family.

Breeding these kinds of pets needs a proper commitment that you need to give your whole self especially in times that the female pet beardie is pregnant.

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Pregnant Bearded Dragons Signs + Care

Now, how can you tell if your bearded dragon pet is pregnant or gravid? Here are some tips…

  1. Look at the female bearded dragon’s food intake, compare the amounts of food she has eaten. Pregnant beardies are always hungry for food; the food intake will tremendously increase. If she demands for food, then let her eat the amount that she can consume. Calcium must also be remembered, give her high amounts of calcium for a good development of baby beardies.
  2. Naturally, like human beings; the female beardies belly will grow most commonly on the second and third week. It will form like grapes inside the belly and you can definitely feel it from the outside. Gently press the belly and feel the eggs.
  3. Buy a plastic Rubbermaid bin that will serve as the mother’s delivery room. The sides of the bin must have a higher length, tendency is when the gravid beardie laid her eggs, it usually climbs up the bin. Put on vermiculite on the substrate, keep the substrate moist. A moist substrate is ideal for laying eggs same with the incubators.
  4. You should have a heat lamp that has a 60 watt bulb, this is to keep the mother and eggs warm on the laying process. Remember the common times they will lay; on the early evening and in the afternoon. Vermiculite and the bin must be prepared before laying.

Pregnant Bearded Dragons Signs

Nice to Know

  • Gravid is the proper term for a female pregnant bearded dragon, it means that they have eggs.
  • The maximum time of gravid is four weeks; the mother can hold the sperm for six weeks. The female beardie can have up to 8 pregnancies for only one mating.
  • The gravid can produce 30 eggs per pregnancy period. So, if she can have five pregnancies, it can produce 150 eggs in a maximum of 6 months.
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