How to Pick a Healthy Baby Bearded Dragon (2022 Guide)

How to Pick a Healthy Baby Bearded Dragon

How to Pick a healthy baby bearded dragon

As anyone with experience owning a bearded know, they are special and a bit of knowledge is needed for the daily care of your new pet. When given the opportunity to pick a Baby bearded dragon, never get one younger than 8 weeks.

Never assume that the breeder or seller knows this. Always ask for the age or when was the birth.

How to Pick a Healthy Baby Bearded Dragon

If you’re ever fortunate enough to get the pick of the “clutch” here is a few things to look for.

No matter how adorable, never pick the smallest of the clutch. The smallest is usually prone problems and will be the most difficult to raise. A good start will ensure your baby dragon will have a long life span.

Look for the most active. Is there one that seems to be patrolling the place, moving around or scanning intently.

The baby pogona vitticeps must be alert and responsive. Although they maybe just babies, they should be very reactive to the environment. If you are able to see a feeding, find out which ones are quicker to catch their food.

Once those criteria are met. Inspect its limbs and tail for any injuries and malformations. Does the tail have any nips? This may be a sign of weakness that the others may have already picked up.

Other than that you’re free to pick the dragon you chose on color and personality.

Keep in mind, You won’t be able to determine sex until around 6-9 months.

Remember that you want to successfully raise your baby dragon. As tempted as you may be to pick a weaker or smaller dragon, don’t. Unless you already have some experience raising baby bearded dragons.

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