How to Give Bearded Dragon Mealworms

How to Give Bearded Dragon Mealworms

As we all know, bearded dragons are omnivorous.  Omnivorous diet eats insects, greens, vegetables and fruits.

If you feed your bearded dragon with insects, be sure to load their guts, they must also be given the right amount and right quality of foods.

The nutritional content must be at the top. Your bearded dragon might just be eating a food with empty nutrients.

Foods are the main determinant of your beardies health. If the foods eaten by your beardie does not ensure safety, then it will eventually harm your bearded dragon pet.

Some owners commit mistakes in feeding their beardies, one of these mistakes is feeding the bearded dragon mealworms.

Mealworms should not be fed to your bearded dragon exclusively.

Bearded Dragon Mealworms

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Let us take a look why mealworms are a contraindicated food to your bearded dragon.

  • The main reason is because mealworms have a hard chitin (exoskeleton), and too many of these can cause impaction in your bearded dragon
  • Mealworms come in a variety of sizes. Some of it are giant mealworms and this should not be given to your beardies. These mealworms are given steroids to make them appear big, making the mealworm’s exoskeleton thicker and harder.
  • The best time to feed all mealworms is to feed the ones that have just shed and they appear white. During this period, the underlying exoskeleton is still very soft. Therefore, they will not be as likely to impact your bearded dragon.
  • To gut-load your mealworms, give them a slice of potato with calcium dusted on the potato. The reason for the calcium is because mealworms have a smooth exoskeleton, and if you dust them, it will just slide off the mealworms. Putting calcium on the potato ensures that necessary calcium is still present when the mealworm is fed to your bearded dragon.
  • Do not worry about oranges because mealworms can get the water they need from the potato.

Feeding mealworms to your bearded dragons needs an extra care and precaution; it has guidelines and steps to follow.

Having mealworms as a food for your beardies is a good thing too, but consequences are there if it is not properly given.

The most important guideline in feeding your bearded dragon is the rule of thumb. The rule of thumb indicates the correct size of food to be given to your pet.

It states that the prey item must not be wider than the space between your bearded dragon’s eyes.

It should not be longer than ¾ the size of the beardies head from the base of the head to snout.

Just remember this rule and surely, your bearded dragon is on his way to a healthy fit body free from illnesses and diseases.

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