Feeding Mantella Frogs – Requirements In 2022

Feeding Mantella Frogs

Welcome to the Feeding Mantella Frog section, this area is divided in to several separate sub sections – the introduction, the housing Mantella page, temperature and humidity, feeding Mantella Frogs (this page) and breeding Mantella sections.

Mantella Frog Feeding Requirements

Adult Mantella eat nothing but insects in one shape or another, under natural conditions they would have hundreds of varieties of tiny insects to choose from but in captivity they are limited to what you decide to feed them.

You should give as wide a variety of different insects as possible which will include the various minerals and essential oils that a single insect species would not offer.

The variety of insects should include: pinhead crickets, small flies, flightless fruit flies, small spiders, blackfly, greenfly, small moths, ant larvae, small wax worms and small mealworms.

If you can’t offer this wide variety of insect food then you should dust what you have with a vitamin and mineral powder before feeding them to you frogs.

Feeding Mantella Frogs

Even if you can provide the full ‘menu’ you can always add some vitamin and mineral powder now and then – it all helps.

When feeding the Mantella it is better to give 3 to 4 small feedings rather than just one a day, this will encourage them to move around their home in search of food and meet other Mantellas along the way – interaction between the frogs is important to their well being.

This interaction will also help with breeding your Mantella – if they don’t meet a potential mate how are they going to breed

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