Can Bearded Dragon Eat Bananas? (2022 Guide)

Can Bearded Dragon Eat Bananas

Hey guys,

Following on from my previous post about what to feed bearded dragons, I’ve had a few emails asking if bearded dragons can eat bananas (such as the one below).

Can Bearded Dragon Eat Bananas

Hi Dan,

You said in your article on the bearded dragon’s diet that “You should avoid citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and limes”, well how about bananas? The owner of my pet store says I shouldn’t feed my beardie banana but one of my friends says it’s okay. What are your thoughts?


In answer to Ronnie’s question, although the bearded dragon can enjoy chopped banana from time to time without suffering any ill-effects, it does have the potential to harm your beardie.

This is because bananas contain a lot of phosphorous and the ratio of phosphorous to calcium in reptiles (including bearded dragons) should be around 1:2 (that’s one part phosphorous to every 2 parts of calcium).

If the phosphorous levels in a bearded dragon get too high, their body tries to maintain the correct balance by obtaining calcium from elsewhere – and it is usually taken from the bones.

Can Bearded Dragon Eat Bananas

This causes the bones to soften and results in Metabolic Bone Disease or MBD, which is a particularly nasty disease for reptiles because it causes their bones to become brittle and break very easily.

For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend feeding bananas to your bearded dragon. There are plenty of other fruits it can enjoy that are much safer for them to ingest, so in my opinion, there’s really no reason to take the risk.

Saying that if you have fed bananas to your beardie in the past, as long as it has been in small quantities there’s probably nothing to worry about but if you feed your beardie bananas regularly I’d suggest removing them from it’s diet immediately.

Hope this helps

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