Bearded Dragons Vegetables – How to Introduce

Bearded Dragons Vegetables

Vegetables are good sources of Vitamins and Minerals needed by the bearded dragon’s body. Although, it is not the main food that your beardie love, but it is recommended by most Vets to have vegetables on their food.

Bearded Dragons Vegetables Introduction Techniques

Naturally, beardies do not like vegetables, but constant training in introducing the food will make the beardie adjust and eat vegetables.

This will take time, keep on encouraging your beardie and later on they will get used to it.

There are different strategies that may apply to help your bearded dragon eat the vegetables you are giving them.

One strategy is keeping the vegetables hanging on the tank for them to pull it off. Second is to place the green on a shallow bowl, for them to see it easily.

When they will not eat it, especially the young’s they will not eventually eat the veggies.

Another technique is to place the green together with the cricket.

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When they are eating the crickets, tendency is they will eat the green as well. Do this for several days and weeks. The bearded dragon will eat the greens.

The bottom line is, catch the attention of the bearded dragon, the more it is attractive to them, the more they will eat it.

One technique is to mist the vegetables; the moisture is a sign of food to their sight. Help your bearded dragon adjust to it.

Let us talk about baby bearded dragons; these types of dragons are harder to feed compared to adult bearded dragons.

The best thing to do is to again, mist the vegetables, place the vegetables correctly and neatly, and mix the vegetables with crickets.

Make the vegetables obvious in their eyes and arrange it in a place where it can be easily seen. As a reminder, young bearded dragons needs a lot of protein, do not expect that they will consume large amount of vegetables.

Drop the vegetables on the moving foods like crickets, mealworms, and wax worms. While your bearded dragons are eating, drop the vegetables overhead.

Try this technique and your bearded dragon will catch the vegetables falling from above.

If they find the vegetables edible, then they will start eating it.

If it is really hard to feed them with vegetables, be wise enough. Let the crickets or the moving foods eat the vegetables in small pieces.

The moving foods will have the nutrients contained by the vegetables and the bearded dragon will have the needed nutrients.

Bearded Dragons Vegetables

It is a useful technique for your baby bearded dragons.This is called the gut-loading technique.

The importance of vegetables are always stressed out, it is a good source of nutrients for your bearded dragons.

Your goal is to let your bearded dragon pet start accepting the vegetables for an optimum health and wellness.

Bear in mind the techniques mentioned above and do it each day.

Bearded dragons are not hard to feed if you know how lead and introduce the foods they need.

There’s nothing to worry about slow improvements on the eating habits, it is natural to experience this on the first few weeks.

Keep on doing the techniques and they will just get to it.


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