Have You Ever Heard Bearded Dragon Toys For Your Pet

Have You Ever Heard Bearded Dragon Toys For Your Pet

Bearded dragons needs to live a happy life. To have a happy life, beardies must be entertained. Giving them toys will make them happy.

Bearded Dragon Toys For Your Pet

Do not let your bearded dragon just to sleep all day. Your beardies muscles must be stretched and exercised.

Wake them up and entertained them as much as possible. They need an attention coming from you as their owner.

Try to check out these supplies for your dragon.

These are all totally safe.

  • Mini Pool

Its bath time! It’s ironic that bearded dragons love play in water, despite the fact that their natural habitat is dry.

Beardies really love playing in water. So, ideally, when its bath time already, provide a mini pool by using dish with water on it.

Place this dish inside your beardies vivarium. Supervise them while on water, take them out and watch over them enjoying the water.

Make sure your pet fits on the dish, one that is not too small and not too big. Does not use a dish which is higher, your beardie might be drowned inside.

Enjoy the moment that your pet the water, splashing it as it constantly moves.

  • Toy Balls

Second great toy ideas are toy balls. Every time you let the bearded dragon play outside, give those balls, and they will push and play with it using their head.

It is a very fun moment to watch.

Plastic balls, bouncy balls, big marbles, cat and dog toys are some of the toys you can give.

For marbles, I want to stress out that you should not give the small ones, beardies may swallow it and it can be too dangerous.

With the balls, be sure that it is not heavy for your beardie to push it around. Bearded dragons like bright colors and loud noises.

  • Pillowcases or soft stuffs

Dark places are favorite places of bearded dragons.

They love to hide behind different soft stuffs. Better give your pet a single pillowcase especially for him, it allows them to scratch around.

Pillows or stuffed toys could be a great idea too.

Do not give plastic bags, suffocation is the problem here. Instead of plastic bags, you can give them paper bags to play with.

  • Paper Towels

The simpler the toy is the better for your bearded dragon pets. Your pet loves simple things. Paper towels are the simplest form of toy that you can give to them.

Place a single or two sheets inside their vivarium and make sure when they are finish playing with it, clean the area right away to avoid mess inside it.

Paper towels are good for scratching, it cannot cause harm to your pet.

  • Box with sand

Moreover, sand is also a substrate for beardies, but strictly with your close supervision. They love to dig and play around it.

During mealtime, there might be sand mixed in the food, be very cautious, sand can cause impaction and can be fatal.

The best way to do is, place the sand in a separate box not inside the vivarium so that it will not be mixed with foods.

Place a newspaper under the box before pouring the sand. In this way, after your pet play and dig with it, it will be easy for you to clean and discard the sand inside.

Some playful ideas is to let your beardie run, they love to run right? So, let them run in an enclosure make sure that the exits and entrances are blocked.

Music can be a great idea; beardies will listen to music oftentimes.

Sometimes, when we are not around with them, just try to turn on the television and they will enjoy watching on it.

The best ways to make the life of your beardie happy and meaningful is to let you and your beardie hang out with each other.

Treat your beardie as your best friend.

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