Bearded Dragon Starter Kits – Important List!

Bearded Dragon Starter Kits

Starter kits are ideal for beginners who are trying to set-up a bearded dragon vivarium.

It is an easy way to make a home for bearded dragon pets.

A lot of reptile departments are offering these kinds of kits; custom designed and provides a low maintenance.

The starter kits are very easy to set-up, you will not find hard in looking for various things to include inside the vivarium because the kit has a complete package that once been set-up it can be the best house for your per beardies for a longer period of time.

Bearded Dragon Starter Kits

The starter kit comes in different sizes but follows the ideal range of a proper vivarium size. It has a set-up bulb inside not a heating mat.

Experts believe that bulbs are the most ideal way in maintaining a vivarium temperature for your beardies.

Bearded Dragon Starter Kits

Below are some starter kits that you may chose. These starter kits are available online and in some retail shops.

  • Zoo Med Habba Hut Large – this is like a hut that can provide a shelter for your pet beardies.
  • Yellow Exo Terra Desert Sand – an excellent substrate for your beardies
  • Zoo Med Repti Rock Combo Dish pack Small – these are bowls used for eating, usually placed with food and water
  • Exo Terra Dial Thermometers – for proper monitoring of temperature inside the vivarium
  • Ceramic Bulb Holders- it is to hold the bulbs for basking and the ceramic lights inside the vivarium
  • Exo Terra Sun Glo Neodymium Daylight Basking Spot Lamp 75W – ideal for basking, it can catch the attention of beardies right away
  • Exo Terra Ceramic Wave Heat Lamp Emitter 100W – provides extra heat especially during night time
  • Arcadia Dry Vivarium UV Tube Controller 25/30W – controls your UV lamp from emitting excess UV rays
  • Exo Terra Repti Glo 10.0 UVB Tube Light 25W 30in – provides enough UVB
  • Lucky Reptile Vivarium Thermo Control Pro II Thermostat – regulate day and night temperatures of your ceramic light
  • Vivexotic VX48 Reptile Vivarium 48″ – An excellent looking home that he won’t outgrow

Think of what your bearded dragon pet need. Bear in mind the most basic items that the pet must have and see the list of the kit; be sure that all the necessary requirements are there.

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