The Reason Behind Bearded Dragon Shedding

The Reason Behind Bearded Dragon Shedding

Is your bearded dragon shedding?

It is not alarming if you can see your bearded dragon pet sheds its skin.

Theirs is nothing to worry about this. It is a process called Ecdysis.

Most of the animals in the reptile world experience this natural process which a part of their normal life cycle.

The Reason Behind Bearded Dragon Shedding

There are three factors that affects this shedding process, it’s the Humidity, Health, and Growth. If these three are well maintained, there is no room for unsuccessful bearded dragon shedding.

  • What is the main reason why bearded dragons shed?

Throughout the lives of beardies like humans, they continue to grow. As they grow, they are becoming bigger. An increase in size demands a wider scaly skin.

That’s why reptiles like beardies shed their skin to accommodate the growth.

When it is already near to shed the scaly skin, you can see a water that forms on the on the scales outer layer.

It now begins to loosen the old skin and slowly replaced by the new ones. The new scaly skin is found underneath the old scaly skin.

How amazing!

When will it appear on the dragon’s life? The duration of the shedding process will depend on the age of the bearded dragon.

As the age grows, the body increases its size.

The young beardies triple or double its total mass in the early stages of life.

This is the reason why you can see your baby bearded dragons shed constantly its skin.

It appears to be every month depending on the bearded dragon’s physical structure and growth.

Bearded Dragon Shedding

  • When to be alarmed?

It’s now time for you to be alarmed. If you have adult bearded dragons under your care and it frequently shed its skin for about twice a month, then this is something to worry about.

Report it to your veterinarian, underlying conditions is correlated to this situation.

Adult bearded dragons may not shed regularly because their growth and development is lowly decreasing.

Older bearded dragons only shed once or twice in an entire year. There is rarely a cause to worry if your dragon’s shedding period seems to have been delayed.

Lack of shedding is always a symptom of another problem and not a problem itself. To get to the bottom of the dilemma, make sure you check the conditions of the cage.

Always ensure that you maintain the proper levels of humidity and heat for your dragon’s size.

  • What can you expect to see your bearded dragon during shedding time?

Well, when your dragon begins the process of shedding its skin, it’s pretty easy to determine. The beardie will look differently from its usual appearance.

The beardies behavior will change too.

You will notice the changes of colors, followed by the changes of the texture of the scaly skin.

You will really see a watery part on the skin, where it is flaky, that is where shedding is taking part.

Bearded dragons are not like snakes that it sheds as a whole, rather, the bearded dragon shed individually and slowly until such time the whole body has finish to shed.

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The most common part the bearded dragon will shed first is the legs followed by its back, beard and head.

The time when the bearded dragon show full shedding it is a significant sign that the reproductive organs are already mature and capable of reproducing.

As an owner, review materials about your pets shedding stage.

You will find necessary information’s on the proper care you need to do for your beardies.

Make it a memorable part of their lives. As I’ve said, it is a thing that we need to be happy with, a sign of growth and development.

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