Bearded Dragon Metabolic Bone Disease (2022 Review)

A Helpful Guide about Bearded Dragon Metabolic Bone Disease

Metabolic Bone Disease only happens to those bearded dragons that are in captivity.

This is due to irregularities in giving the proper care to them.

One main reason is the lack of lighting inside its tank together with the lack of phosphorus and calcium to their diets.

UV light is needed by the bones of beardies; it helps metabolize Vitamin D3 to produce calcium in the body to support the bones calcium needs.

Metabolic bone disease is categorized as a nutritional deficiency that is due to imbalances of calcium. It is commonly called as Hypocalcemia.

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Causes of Metabolic Bone Disease

There are various things that can lead to metabolic bone disease in bearded dragons. The main thing is the diet which is lacking the recommended amount of calcium.

The bones cannot properly function without this essential nutrient.

bearded dragon Metabolic Bone Disease


One manifestation of your pet beardie will be the thin bones. If the bones are thin then, it will easily break and your bearded dragon will be injured.

It will be very difficult for your bearded dragon to walk, climb, jump and play.

If you see your bearded dragon has a twisted toes, twisted limbs and twisted backs then it is a sign of metabolic bone disease.

They cannot walk straight.

Sometimes they can still walk but they easily fall down and cannot stand up anymore.

As the disease progresses, your dragon will be paralyzed and later on loose its life.

They can no longer eat and bask due to a generalized paralysis. It makes them weak.


The treatment is to treat the underlying problem. The main underlying problem is the insufficiency of calcium in the body.

So, give your dragon calcium rich foods.

Go to your veterinarian and he will prescribe you the right amount depending on the severity of the metabolic bone disease. In line with this, giving calcium rich foods will need Vitamin D for it to metabolize.

There are available Vitamin D injections in your vet’s clinic they rightfully know the dosage of it.

As I said, provide UV lightings; allow your dragon to bask under the UV light for it to have a full recovery on the prevailing metabolic bone disease.

At the same time, include the role of the tank’s temperature make sure you regulate it into the correct level. Prevent any danger from happening during the period of treatment.

Minimize the dragon’s activities; have at least 6 months of quarantine. It will give them enough time to recover and for the bones to get back its natural functions.

As a second parent to your pet beardies, be responsible enough to give what is proper for them. Treat them as your children.

Love them the way they are considered as your family member. Before purchasing them, I know you have promised to fulfill your obligations.

Those obligations cover all the needed aspects to attain the ideal result which is for your bearded dragons to grow healthy, strong and happy.

Metabolic bone disease is something serious, if this will continue and there are no medical attention is given, your pet beardie will eventually die.

So, make sure you should prevent the disease from occurring, do not let your pet beardie experience it, take them immediately to your local vet clinics.

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