The Ideal Bearded Dragon Leashes that you Must have

The Ideal Bearded Dragon Leashes Guide

The bearded dragon leash is simply called the harness for bearded dragons. It is a basic restrain that is handy and serves some purposes.

Harness can be used when the bearded dragon pet is under s full supervision by the owner.

These are commonly used to prevent the pet from falling when you place it on your shoulders or lap.

It can also be used when the bearded dragon is walking or basking outside.

Leashes are useful to these kinds of situations, ensuring safety but again, under your full supervision.

The Ideal Bearded Dragon Leashes you Must Have

Commercial beardie harnesses common in UK areas are the T-Rex Comfort Reptile Leash and the Four Paws Safety Iguana Leash and Harness.

These two are commonly use because of its adjustability and comfort ability. You can purchase this in UK pet stores all over the UK.

  • T-Rex Reptile Comfort Leash

A specially designed harness for lizards. A comfortable replacement and a newly motivated leash, instead of ordering and buying leashes that you still need to modify for fitness at home, T-Rex leash give you all the comfort and safety for your pet.

The harness is adjustable and has a soft leather so as not to hurt your pets. It has a 36 inch lead and has a clip in the end to be fastened in your belt to make sure that your bearded dragon is always on your side.

The good thing about this is, T-Rex comfort leash is available with various sizes and fits bearded dragons in different ages.

  • Four Paws Iguana Leash and Harness

This is chosen by lots of bearded dragon owners. It is specially created for bearded dragons, cats, rabbits and ferrets.

Using this in your bearded dragons makes an excellent choice.

The material does not slip and it is composed of nylon material that can be washed and will not fray.

For more inquiries on how to buy you can contact : PETCO supplies in London, UK, or check online pet stores. You can also visit your local pet store supplies.

Specialized pet shops offers harnesses for sale.

Harnesses that is durable and body-friendly for your pet. When I say its body-friendly it means that the harness should not contain decorations like toys, it might hurt the beardies body.

You better bring your bearded dragon to the pet shop so that it can fit the exact size of leash.

In this way, it is very ideal so as not to waste your time going back and forth to the pet shop.

  • Leashes for Carrying Purposes

The owner must use leash for carrying purposes. This is more safe and sensible.

But make sure that the harness you place around the bearded dragon’s body is fit and will not slip whenever you pull it back.

From time to time when carrying, check your bearded dragon if it’s still there, you might not know that it has fallen.

At some points of the bearded dragon’s activity, you should leave them unattended outside. This can be made possible by using these leashes.

Suit in the harness and before placing your pet, check and clear the area.

The area must be free from any harm, like pesticides and sharp materials; they might swallow it and can cause danger to your pet.

The harness will ensure the dragon to stay in place and not to go anywhere.

But it is still practical that when your beardie is harnessed, spend time with your bearded dragon and have fun.

  • Making a Personalized Leash

You can make a personalized bearded dragon harness in your home. Improvise the way that it is ideal and fits your bearded dragon correctly.

Search some photos and you can actually visualize in your mind how a harness can be made.

It contains an adjustable rope and soft leather for the beardies body part.

Bearded Dragon Leashes

The Disadvantages of Leashes

Flipping the other side of the coin, leash can also be dangerous. If there are advantages then, there are also disadvantages.

Of course, purchasing it the first time will make your bearded dragon refuse the leash. It really takes time for them to make use of it.

The first few uses will make your bearded dragon run fast and become hyperactive. They will rub it against wall and objects.

In this stage the bearded dragon needs to watch carefully and cautiously.

Harnesses and Leashes cannot be used with baby bearded dragons. It is exclusively for adult bearded dragons. Baby bearded dragons when carry must not have a harness; they are too small for it.

Vets recommend bearded dragon leashes to adult ones; adult bearded dragons can maneuver by themselves with less supervision.

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