Bearded Dragon Impaction- 5 Remedies + 3 Signs

Bearded Dragon Impaction Remedies and Signs

Bearded dragon may experience impaction. This is a condition where a bearded dragon’s digestive tract is blocked by solid.

There will be less frequent or absent passing feces.

Impaction is hard for your bearded dragons; they are aggressive and irritable when they feel that it is hard to defecate and their digestive tract cannot function well.

Bearded Dragon Impaction Remedies and Signs

What are the Main Causes of Impaction?

  • Food Stuffs

Food items is one of the causes, it will cause blockage inside the digestive tract.

This is because the size of food is inappropriately given; it is too large and cannot move properly inside the tract.

Owners might forget the rule of thumb. The rule of thumb is the best prevention in determining the right size of food.

The food items are measured in such a way that the items is measured first and determined in between the space of the bearded dragon’s eyes.

Any size that would excess the space in between their eyes must not be given. Be very meticulous to prevent impaction from occurring.

In young beardies, you also need to be careful in giving them food. Discard food items that are having hard chitin shells like crickets and mealworms.

You may give these kinds of foods but always be sure that it is small and it does not violate the rule of thumb.

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  • Inadequacy of Temperature

Inadequate temperature may lead to impaction. Bearded dragons require 100-115 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature for them to have a normal digestion.

This range of temperature allows a proper flow of food going to the system.

When the temperature drops down or goes up, your bearded dragon will have behavioral changes such as changes on the bowel pattern.

  • Unsafe Substrates

One major contributor is the ingestion of substrate. Substrates are not meant to be eaten.

It serves as the floor of the beardies cage tank. Many instances happen that using sand as a substrate causes impaction.

This happens most to young beardies and can be a cause of fatality among them.

Another unsafe substrate is by the use pellets or pebble like pellets, it might also be ingested by bearded dragons in large amounts.

Bearded Dragon Impaction

Dried plants as a substrate can be very dangerous too.

On the package of available substrates in the market, it states that it is completely digestible.

But, do not be fooled by commercial advertisements, make sure that before you decide to buy it, think of the consequences that will happen if your bearded dragon uses it.

Do some research and discover some testimonials about the substrates you are planning to buy. If majority of it are negative testimonials then do not buy it. It is already been used and tested.

Impaction must be checked all the time; it may lead into a serious illness and become the cause of fatality among your pets.

Remember the three causes and how you can get away with it, preventing yourself from using items that are unsafe and dangerous to your pet beardies.

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