Bearded Dragon Health Problems -(2022 List)

Bearded Dragon Health Problems

The most common problems of bearded dragon are related to health. Health issues and problems are associated with the way they are taken care of.

Bearded dragons are very dependent on their owners and sometimes on the owner’s part; they often neglect the changes and assuming that there is nothing wrong to their beardies.

Bearded Dragon Health Problems

What are these common health issues and problems? What are we going to do when we can see abnormal deviations in our pet beardies?

Let us try to find out.

Normally, bearded dragons should always be bright, alert always willing to eat every feeding time.

They are active during your playtime and they spend time on basking under the light.

Talking about their physical appearance, the body must be well fleshed and there should be vivid wrinkles on the skin.

It has no ocular and nasal discharges.

Upon discharge the fecal matter must be free from any blood tinges.

The color must be consistent and it should not contain large amounts of undigested particles. The flow of feces must not be watery and runny.

Below are some bearded dragon health problems, listed are the signs and symptoms that your pet beardie might encounter:

Signs and Symptoms of Bearded dragon associated to health problems and health issues:

  • Partial or complete anorexia (lack of appetite)
  • Weight loss
  • Green eye discharges
  • Decrease muscle strength and agility
  • Diarrhea
  • Cloacal soiling
  • Blood tinge feces
  • Lumps, bumps, sores & abrasions on the skin
  • Dehydration
  • Sunken eyeballs
  • Paralysis or lameness of the limbs and tail
  • Generalized Weakness
  • Regular involuntary movements of extremities
  • Mucous secretions from the mouth, ears, eyes and nose
  • Lethargy or dullness (unaware of its surroundings)
  • Difficulty in breathing

If you see any signs mentioned above, it would be better to bring the bearded dragon in the Veterinarian immediately.

Bearded Dragon Health Problems

The Vet knows the treatment and diagnoses the health problem related to the signs and symptoms showed by your pet beardie.

Do not neglect any suspicions you have, the longer it takes on the beardie the higher the chance of making it worst and might be the reason of fatality.

Do not reach up to this point; make sure that you know how to become parents for your bearded dragons.

To be always sure, I recommend you to have Regular Bearded Dragon Health Inspections

As a recommendation, bearded dragons must be regularly checked by a Veterinarian, these people know better than anyone else.

Regular checkups will prevent the occurrence of any health related problems.

In the earliest possible time, they will determine and detect signs and symptoms that maybe a potential problem your beardie is having.

Veterinarians know best for your beardies.

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