Bearded Dragon Feeding Schedule by Age

Bearded Dragon Feeding Schedule by Age

Feeding schedule is an important aspect of care that owners must remember.

The time the bearded dragons’ eats should be in the right time depending on the bearded dragon’s age.

Feeding the dragon too late especially when it is more than 2 hours after the light source is turned off; the tendency is the food that enters their stomach will rot.

As owners you need to set an alarm for you not to forget that it’s feeding time for your pet dragons.

The recommended time is one hour after the heat lamp is turned in the early morning time and the next will be early in the afternoon.

Feeding schedule must be of strict compliance, if not taken into account very carefully, this may be fatal to your bearded dragons as it may cause health related illnesses.

Remember that bearded dragons are creatures following a day to day habit.

A minimum of 2 times a day is the correct way of giving right the number of meals. Let the dragon take in food for 15 minutes; let your dragon eat as much as possible for 15 minutes.

In baby bearded dragons, they should be given small crickets, this is always been emphasized.

As an owner, you should provide salad and pellets.

This will help your bearded dragon not to refuse the green leafy vegetables, sometimes if you always give green leafy vegetables, the bearded dragon will refuse it and throw it away.

This is because; they have always seen the same food and eating the same taste.

They need to have new in their sight not depriving the nutritional contents. You should give green leafy vegetables but not all the time; have an alternative as well.

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Treat your bearded dragon the way babies are to be nurtured.

Bearded Dragon Feeding

A guide for your Feeding Schedule base on the bearded dragon’s Age

  • 1 year- 1 ½ years

In these times, your bearded dragon is still young and needs more intake for fast development. You should have a live prey for your bearded dragon in this stage of life.

Remember that dragon also eat meat for they are omnivores.

The live prey’s meat must be eaten 15 minutes once a day. You may give it in the early morning or in the early afternoon.

You may give it with salad and pellets too.

Bearded Dragon Feeding Schedule

  • 1 ½ years

Your bearded dragon is an adult now. It will still continue to grow but not the same growth rate as they are in the younger age.

Provide them with green leafy veggies, fruits and pellets once a day with 5-10 crickets at least 5=6 days a week.

If you feed your bearded dragon 2 times a day, do not give large quantity of foods; only give the quantity that is not too large and not too small.

Estimate the amount that is enough for one feeding for your dragon.  You know when your dragon is satisfied; they will go to the basking rock and close its eyes, take a nap and later fall asleep.

Be sure to clear out the area where the dragon eats, clear all remaining roaming insects.
Each and every day, keep the same feeding schedule time.

Take note of the time you have given food that day and make sure to give the food the same time by the next day.

A good technique is an alarm clock and timer to let you have the exact feeding time schedule.

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