Bearded Dragon Crickets as Favorite Food (2022 Guide)

Bearded Dragon Crickets as Favorite Food

Did you know your pets favorite food? Is it bearded dragon crickets or meal worms?

Crickets are one of the most favorite foods of bearded dragons. It has good protein and iron content and it is the cheapest and easiest to find.

Bearded dragons enjoy eating them especially when they are moving.

These insects must be taken care of properly in the same way that you take care for your other pets.

Providing them a suitable environment to live, warmth, food and water will make them healthy and provide a great taste for your pet beardies.

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Bearded Dragon Crickets

How are you going to take care of these insects? What are the things you need to for its maintenance? Let us try finding it out…

  1. Use a 30 gallon plastic storage bin. Make sure it is not a clear plastic; clear plastics tend to give off an odor which is toxic for crickets.
  2. If you now have the bin, it must be well vented. Crickets are very sensitive to gases or any fumes and it can be fatal for them.
  3. Get a glue gun and stick on cartons and flats together, make it like a condominium for crickets. Let it stand in an upright position. Do not lay it flat, in this way; you cannot easily see the dead crickets inside.
  4. You should also consider the cricket’s environmental temperature. The temperature must be within the range of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The crickets will live longer and grow healthy without metabolic interruptions.
  5. Provide a safe and constant supply of water. Crickets do not have the ability to swim, they think they can do it, so if the water placed in their tank is full, they will jump on it and get drown. The water to be placed must be on a safe level enough for drinking. Or you can have sponge or pebbles inside the watering dish; it helps them access the water easily.
  6. Potatoes are ideal for crickets; it provides the basic nutrients for them to from healthy.
  7. Lettuce and carrots are a good choice for your crickets. If your bearded dragon, does not like to eat vegetables, then feed your crickets with veggies. It is an alternative way in giving your pet beardie the nutrients from vegetables.
  8. Bread is the primary source of carbohydrates that your crickets love. Breads are soft in texture, they can swallow it easily.
  9. Clean the crickets bin regularly. These insects are potential parasite carriers and may harm your bearded dragon. To make sure, use a non-toxic liquid to clean the bins.
  10. Place paper rolls in their bin, the paper rolls will serve as their toys.
  11. Keep the crickets in a tall place, not near to your pet beardies. Crickets have scratching abilities and might scratch the skin of your beardie, to prevent this, elevate the bin from the bearded dragon’s tank.These are the few ways on how you should treat crickets so that they will provide your beardie a great taste.

Bearded Dragon Crickets

If done correctly, your bearded dragon will have a happy life and free from any illnesses and diseases.

Crickets will provide the right amount of iron and protein; this is their main role as a prey.


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