Bearded Dragon Accessories That You Must Have

Bearded Dragon Accessories That You Must Have

Bearded dragons have originated from Australia.

These reptiles can be seen crawling on the ground or climbing tress in the dry woodlands, savannas and arid deserts of the said continent.

But because of its pleasant personality and docile nature, these reptiles have become one of the most commonly domesticated reptiles all over the world.

However, although bearded dragons have become common household pets, they still are undeniably wild animals—their bodies have been designed to live in the wild.

Hence, when they are held in captivity or are domesticated, they would need to have a habitat that would closely mimic their natural living conditions or they will not survive.

This may sound complicated and difficult; and yes, it actually is a little intricate but with the help of some bearded dragon accessories, you will be able to make your reptile pet’s condition more comfortable and healthy.

Bearded Dragon Accessories

Bearded Dragon Accessories For Tank

There are actually a lot of accessories you can provide to bearded dragons but for this article, we will focus on the most essential and commonly used items.

  • Lights

Your dragons need to have a full-spectrum UV light source 12-14 hours daily.

This is because your reptile needs UV light in order to synthesize vitamin D3 a component they need to properly utilize calcium.

Without proper lighting, your dragon can get crippled as a result of brittle bones.

This means that you cannot just use any light bulb for your reptiles, you will need to use specialty UVB fluorescent bulbs which are able to emit no less than 5% UVB.

This type of light can be bought from a reptile shop.

  • Heaters

As you know, bearded dragons naturally thrive in a hot environment, so you would also need to provide them with the same temperature that their bodies are accustomed to.

There are a lot of heat-emitting equipment in the market that can be used for this very purpose—incandescent lights, ceramic heating lights, heat lamps, heat mats and heat cables.

But you must be careful in using these heating products as they might cause your pet to get burned.

The ideal daytime temperature for dragons is 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit and a temperature between 70-74 degrees Fahrenheit can be suitable at nighttime.

It would also be best to provide your reptile with a basking area in its tank; this spot should be relatively warmer than the entire enclosure with a temperature ranging from 95-110 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Thermometers

You wouldn’t want your reptiles to get burned, right? So yes, placing thermometers on your tank would be necessary.

It would be best to use digital thermometers and place one at the basking area and another in the general tank area; this way you can have accurate temperature readings.

  • Furniture

This would cover all the other accessories in your reptile’s tank—food dishes, climbing materials, rocks, hide boxes and all other ornamental objects.

Food dishes are necessary as your reptiles might ingest substrates if you do not feed them using a dish.

Climbing materials are of the most important furniture for your dragon as they are by nature good climbers; hence adding something with which they can perch and climb onto can make them feel more at ease with their surroundings.

Hide boxes may help reduce your reptile’s stress when they are frightened and rocks are useful to your reptiles as they bask.

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The certain types of lighting are EXTREMELY important for the health of your bearded dragon particularly UVA and UVB rays. UVA and UVB rays are found in natural sunlight.

Unfortunately, this light is reflected off the glass of our windows and the tanks of our dragons.

Owning a bearded dragon can be very rewarding; because these creatures are not only entertaining with their good disposition and peculiar behaviors but they are also relatively easy to breed and reproduce.

But many dragon owners fail to successfully hatch live baby dragons.

And this issue may be largely attributed to kind of bearded dragon incubators and as well as the incubation techniques that they are using.

Bearded dragons are members of the lizard family classified scientifically as the Pogona genus.

There are seven species known to belong to this particular genus, the Pogona barbata, Pogona vitticeps, Pogona henrylawsoni, Pogona microlepidota, Pogona minima, Pogona minor and the Pogona nullarbor; but among all these, the first two mentioned species are the most common.

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