Basic Rule To Lengthen Dragons’ Life-Span

Basic Rule To Lengthen Dragons’ Life-Span

Just like all other pets, baby bearded dragons, need to be cared for everyday. Beginning from the substrate, never compromise your pet’s safety ergo don’t include sand in the reptile’s bedding.

Sand is a known causative factor for impaction as the baby reptile can easily eat the sand.

To care for your pet, you need to ascertain that the substrate is free from any impaction- causing factor and use reptile-friendly bedding instead, like reptile carpet or paper towels.

Food blockage or impaction constitutes a high percentage as the cause of death most especially to young reptiles.

As a responsible pet owner, you need to look after the welfare of your pet by doing pre-emptive care through simple and basic plan and to personally oversee the health plan of care each day as much as possible.

Baby Bearded Dragon Cage Maintenance

When you personally look after for your pets need you’ll be adding or directly lengthens the life expectancy of the reptile or any pets for the matter because you can intervene right away, should there be any abnormalities seen.

Make Your Pet Feel At Home

When you have the appropriate substrate for your reptile, the next step is to ascertain the habitat’s overall wellness. Is the cage the right type for your reptile? Is there enough source of light?

How many lights to you need? According to experts, baby Beardies need at least two kinds of lights. One is the basic heat source, which is a lamp, and the other one is the UVB bulb.

This kind of light aid in the digestion process of the baby reptile and prevents any bone disease. Likewise, the temperature should be within the 60 degrees range just enough to provide warmth and comfort.

Other pet owners provide a reptile blanket for their reptile to have a sound sleep.

As a pet owner, you need to house your reptile in a big cage with reptile-friendly bedding to avoid any food blockage that can cause death through choking or perforation of the stomach.

Secondly, you need to provide enough warmth inside the cage to avoid any ill- reactions that can cause discomfort to your pet.

Seek Medical Help When There is a Need

Finally, when your dragon is in distress, not eating according to the usual food consumption, looks weak and tired, it is best to have your pet checked by a licensed veterinarian who specializes in the care for the reptiles.

Do not wait for another day to take action when you see your pet with the following symptoms.

Act now to avoid dehydration and other complications that might cause permanent damage to your pet.

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