Baby Bearded Dragons for Sale- Where to look for?

Baby Bearded Dragons for Sale

Bearded dragons make fascinating pets for anyone who loves lizards, especially those that are found in the wild of Australia.

These fascinating creatures grow to a manageable size and are evenly tempered. Bearded dragons require special care when bought as a pet.

When you decide to find bearded dragons for sale, there a few points that you should consider.


Baby Bearded Dragons for SaleBearded dragons grow to about 20 inches in length, which means that they need a lot of room to move around.

This is especially true of males, who are protective of their territory.

A tank larger than 50 gallons is highly recommended.

And remember when you are looking for  a bearded dragon for sale, putting more than one in a smaller tank can cause them stress, aggressiveness and injuries.

So, buying one at a time, based on the amount of money you have to buy separate tanks are a key consideration.

The tank needs good ventilation and one needs to keep the warmth inside. It should hold a ultra-violet or full-spectrum light to heat the environment.

The temperature should be kept in the range of 76 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and at 70 degrees or above during the night.

The area where the animal sits in the light to get warmth should be from 90 to 100 degrees.

It is best enclose to get is a glass tank, but there must be a top cover to keep the animal inside.

The bottom should be covered in sand, rocks, branches and a cave area.

You should never put cat litter or wood chips in the tank. Make sure that you put a place for them to hide in the coolest part of the tank as well as nearer to the heat lamp.

The tank will need to be cleaned on a frequent basis, using a scoop to remove any feces.

The material in the bottom should be replaced regularly to keep the environment clean for the animal.

The tank needs to have fresh water in it, kept in a bowl or low dish that the bearded dragon can drink from.

You can also give them an occasional light misting with a spray bottle, but don’t dampen the area inside the tank. If you are using tap water, make sure that it is cool.


Baby Bearded Dragons for SaleIt is very difficult to tell the sex of baby bearded dragons for sale.

The male bearded dragon will have a tail that is thicker than the female.

In older ones, you can hold the dragon gently in your hand and carefully life up their tail.

If there are two separate bulges, then it is a male.

If there is only a single bulge under the tail, then it is a female.

This is best done when bearded dragons for sale have reached seven to eight inches long.


Baby bearded dragons should be fed carefully, starting with prey such as newly molted worms or pinhead crickets.

Feeding them prey that is too large can cause health problems or can even kill them. As they age, you can slowly increase the size of the prey they eat.

Adult bearded dragons eat a large selection of prey, including crickets, cockroaches, mealworms, wax worms and pink mice.

They also need to have plant material to eat, including dark greens, fruit and other vegetables.

Baby bearded dragons should be fed two to three times a day, while adults eat once a day.


Bearded dragons for sale can run anywhere from $60 to $200 or more, depending on size and coloring.

The species of dragon that you are buying can also affect the price.


buy baby bearded dragons onlineWhen you are looking for a Bearded dragons for sale, know that they are unhealthy if they have eyes that are sunk in, are not eating, lethargic, discharge around the eyes, nose or mouth; weight loss and struggle to breathe.

Deformities, limb spasms and bloody stool are also warning signs of health issues.

Bearded dragons are make wonderful pets as long as you take the time to consider the costs involved and you make sure the bearded dragon for sale is health.

Once you choose your bearded dragon you can plan to have an docile and friend pet for the whole family to enjoy.

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