Baby Bearded Dragon Checklist – 5 Things to Know

Baby Bearded Dragon Checklist

So you decided to go ahead and contact a breeder an pick out your new pet. You already spent a bit of time researching online and know what you need.

How to take care of your Dragon and its habitat.

Baby Bearded Dragon Checklist

Baby Bearded Dragon Checklist

But before you make that move, lets go through the list of items, must haves for the day you bring your Baby Beardie home.

  • Appropriately sized habitat:

What is the appropriate size habitat? Remember that a 20 Gallon tank is a great start. But your Dragon may out grow it Pretty quickly.

Plan ahead, a bearded can live for 10+ years. An adult will need a tank about 50Gal. That is also a reptile tank not a fish tank.

There is a difference, mostly in dimension.

  • Book or Guide on bearded dragons:

We try to cover as much as we can here, but you can never run out of resources. Have a few handy resources available.

A book is a good start. Google is the ultimate quick reference. But nothing will replace a mind full of knowledge.

  • The right Substratum :

The choice for substrate or liner depends on your beardie. With babies you can use tile, newspaper, reptile carpet, etc.

With adults go with un-coloered natural sand.

  • Commercial bearded dragon food or supplement:

Ok, so this isn’t a must have. Packages food is balance and enriched with vitamins for your dragon.  It should never be a main source of food, but every now and then it can be a treat.

Also cover any gaps in nutrition.

  • Hide away and climbing décor:

As essential as a basking light. Providing the right environment will prevent your dragon from going into shock. Also in the long run will keep him/her happy.

  • Heat Basking light:

With out a basking light and the right temps your dragon will quickly become ill. Please read our guide on Basking Light, also search online for more info and deals on lighting.

  • UVB lighting:

Another critical element. Research here and make the right choice. For an extremely through guide into reptile UVB lighting check out this site.

  • Thermometer:

Keeping the proper temperature gradient is also critical. The range of tools and meters is wide. The truth is, just a simple thermometer will do the trick. One on the hot side of the tank the other on the cool side.

  • Calcium supplement:

Powdered calcium is needed to maintain a healthy dragon. more info on how to supplement your dragon with calcium can be found in Feeding your bearded dragon.

Check off the items from this baby bearded dragon shopping list.

Get ready, you will soon find out why so many dragon owners are so attached to there little companions.

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