Baby Bearded Dragon Cage Maintenance – How To!

Baby Bearded Dragon Cage Maintenance - How To!

Keeping your Baby Bearded Dragon Cage or Tank Clean will keep your Dragon Healthy. Good hygiene and a clean living environment minimizes disease-causing viruses, bacteria, or fungi from harming your pogona.

A properly set-up pogona cage would have taken cleaning into consideration. Your Cage set-up should take a little more effort than a quick stop to your local pet shop.

The material in the Cage or Tank should be easy to clean or replace. Starting from the below the substrate, up.

Baby Bearded Dragon Cage Maintenance

Remember that when you need to disinfect the tank, everything will need to be removed out the tank. Can you remove or replace the substrate easily?

When its time to disinfect the tank will you be able to replace or remove the substrate ? Will it be cost-effective to replace the substrate every time.

Baby Bearded Dragon Cage Maintenance

Cleaning Baby Bearded Dragon Cage


Cleaning your Baby Bearded Dragon Cage

Cleaning is not the same as disinfecting, cleaning needs to be done daily. Cleaning is the removing of bodily secretions, foodfeeder insects. Clearing away any left over organic materials that may cause bacteria and disease.

It’s as basic as removing or cleaning soiled substratsum, rocks, etc. Optimally you should clean faeces as soon as possible.

This will not only keep your dragon cage clean, but may build a training pattern for your dragon.

Your baby dragon will start to use the same spot. If its clean every time, your beardie may chose to make it the designated spot for relief.

In turn Cage maintenance will be way simpler.

If your substrate is paper, replace the whole thing. Wipe down what can not be replaced with a solution of soap or mild detergent  and water.

Disinfecting your Bearded Dragon Tank / Cage

It’s important to Disinfect your pogona cage or tank once a week. You can put it off if necessary, but never more than 3-4 weeks. Disinfecting is a bit more time-consuming.

Make sure to have at least 30 minutes to an hour of your time scheduled. It is also dangerous for your beardie. You will be using chemicals that may harm or kill your dragon.

It’s suggested that your beardie be put into a separate area in different part of room.

There are many disinfecting solutions available at your local pet store. You may also make your own solution. It can consist of bleach or ammonia and water.

If you decide to got with your own solution never mix more than a teaspoon of bleach / ammonia per gallon of water. This solution will also be used for soaking when applicable.

Material needed to disinfect Cage or tank:

  • Specialized disinfectant or home-made solution(bleach or ammonia and water)

  • Gloves

  • Sponge

  • Rags

  • Paper Towels

  • Metal or glass bowl for disinfectant solution

  • Metal or glass bowl for rinse water

  • Spray bottle

The Empty the Cage or Tank should be sprayed down with solution. Allow to Disinfectant solution to soak for 10min before wiping down, rinse and towel dry.

A streak free glass solution can be made by mixing a quarter cup vinegar, two drops of soap and a cup of rubbing alcohol.

 Substrate should be replaced if possible. If substrate is reusable and porous Spray or soak in solution for 10 Min. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Examples of reusable substrates are Reptile Carpet , Tile, Cabinet lining should be replaced but its possible to reuse. Non porous substrate can be wiped down and rinsed.

Examples of substrate that can not be reused is paper, Walnut shells, Sand. Use common logic.

Cage or Tank furnishing , Basking rock, water bowls, feed bowls, etc., Anything in the tank that’s made out of plastic, metal, stone or glass. Should be soaked in the solution 10-15 Min. Then thoroughly rinsed and allowed to dry.

Porus furnishing made of wood cannot be soaked. Spray and let solution rest for a minute. Wipe down and rinse with sponge and water only until you see fit. Allow to thoroughly dry.

Also spray disinfect and rinse wipe area around your tank or cage.

Once all items are disinfected and dry you may start to reassemble your baby dragons habitat. Re Invite your baby bearded dragon back into his home.

Note of caution: Some store-bought solutions claim to be safe and fume free. To a degree they can be. Remember the goal of any disinfectant is to kill organic material.

Make sure to thoroughly rinse and dry everything. Any fumes, especially bleach and ammonia will kill your pet. Poisonous fumes will be contained in the  cage or tank.

All cleaning supplies (Rags, Sponges, dishes, etc) should be allowed to soak in bleach and water solution. Rinsed, dried and put away for next time.

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