Baby Bearded Dragon Bath (2022 Guide)

Baby Bearded Dragon Bath - How to

In the wild pogona will collect the morning dew as a form of hydration. In captivity, misting your pet pogona provides needed moisture. Asides from adding a little hydration, bathing your bearded dragon aids in a number of benefits.

Baby Bearded Dragon Bath
Baby Bearded Dragon Bath

Regularly bathing your baby bearded dragon is an important part of overall pogona care. Bath’s keep your dragon hydrated, aid in shedding and is commonly used as a remedy for constipation or impaction.

Always clean and disinfect the bathing tub or sink before and after the dragon bath. Prepare the tub or sink with warm water.

Checking the temp by feel. It shouldn’t be too hot or cool. Let the water run on your wrist. What’s a comfortable warm temp for you should be fine.

The water level should be very shallow. Never going past your dragons chest. Once you place your dragon into the water, never leave it unattended.

Bathing your infant pogona does not involve the use of any cleaners or soaps.

Its as simple as allowing your dragon stay in the water a bit. Use your hands to scoop the occasional  drops of water onto its back.

No need to rub or scrub in any manner. In fact that can damage the sensitive baby scales. It should be thought of as more of a rinse or your beardies pool time.

When you first start bathing your baby bearded dragon, they may be hesitant getting into the water. They might avoid the water completely or run across looking for a way out. This is normal.

Over time your dragon will become more accustomed and will start enjoying it bathing time. You can place a rock or object in the tub, giving your a dragon a way out of the water.

Although a pogona has a naturally arid, dry habitat, they can suffer from dehydration. Regularly bathing your dragon can help maintain healthy level of hydration.

The warm water may stimulate the intestinal gastric tract. Defecation or bowel movements are common. Frequent bearded dragon baths are used to treat common cases of disease like constipation and impaction. In the case of defecation in bath water, move your dragon into a temporary space.

Drain, clean and refill the sink or tub then get your pogona back into the bath.

Warm water baths can also be used to assist your dragon during shedding. Hydrating the dead skin loosens it from your lizard. Moulting is a natural process that should not need any extra help.

Never pull off partial shedding skin, unless you determine its necessary. You may gently rub or pat your dragon, freeing lose skin.

Bathing time doesn’t have to be more than just a couple of minutes. Its up to you to decide when its been long enough. Remember, over hydration or high humidity can cause ailments. So dont over do it.

Have a towel ready for your dragon. Once you decide it’s been long enough in the water, gently put your baby pogona on the towel and wrap or pat dry.

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