5 Ways to Lose Your Baby Bearded Dragon

5 Ways to Lose Your Baby Bearded Dragon

Are You About to Lose Your Bearded Dragon?

Owning a dragon is really not that difficult. They make great pets that can live with you for many years. The longest living dragon in captivity lived over 10 years.

With a little knowledge so can your dragon. Heres a short list of common and deadly mistakes novice owners make.

Lose Your Baby Bearded Dragon

  1. Not Monitoring temps. Temperature in your beardies environment must stay within range. A few cold nights can kill your beardie. A low basking temp will leave your beardie unable to digest its food. This can cause impaction. Keep the cool side at 75-85 and basking around 95-110.
  2. Hot Rocks! A major mistake. Dragons are unable to sense heat from their belly properly. This can lead to burns and even death.
  3. Hot Pads. Once again a big mistake commonly made by novice owners. Although Heat pads are not as dangerous as hot rocks. The risk is still there.
  4. Leaving live food in the cage overnight. Especially with babies, who are unable to defend themselves. It may not seem like a bad idea. You may have even done it a few times before. But the risk is real. Your dragon must likely wont be looking for food over night. So don’t do it.
  5. Substrate. Probably the most common mistake made. If it can fit into your beardies mouth, chances are they may try to eat it. This can also lead to impaction.
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